The Amorettes – Haulin Ass (CD)

Girls in rock bands are always a welcome sight to see. The majority of rock fans may be male (although that may be debatable when you factor in the male/female breakdown at some of 2011’s rock festivals) but that doesn’t mean the vast proportion of guys don’t want to see a rock chick strutting herself on stage.

The Amorette’s are a feisty all-female three-piece rock band based in Scotland that they certainly tick all of the boxes when it comes to not only their lives shows, but their recorded work. Debut album Haulin’ Ass is a nice ten track trip through the bands psyche (I.E. these are fun loving young ladies with rock in their hearts and it shows in their musical output). Since their formation in 2009 The Amorette’s, Gillian, Hannah and Heather have gigged their way around the UK and played support spots for such luminaries as W.A.S.P. and LA Guns, their recent spots at Highway to Hell in Glasgow and Hard Rock Hell in Wales haven’t harmed their street cred either.

So what can you expect from this lively band’s debut release? These songs are perfectly formed short bursts of enthusiastic rock, each one hitting the spot nicely. It of course also helps that the girls are a highly approachable trio, having seen them live twice so far I know they love meeting their fans, signing CDs (assuming they haven’t sold out, which also shows the popularity of this act) and they set the stage alight when they kick of their sets.

Haulin’ Ass is a perfect CD for classic rock fans (old and new, it traipses the always tricky light to heavy border with ease), it should also be noted that the publication bearing that monicker (Classic Rock) has already given it an 8 out of 10 score. The songs presented are well-paced affairs, each one makes its mark and the recording quality doesn’t let them down at all.

Yes I may be a loyal fan, but I must admit it’s hard to fault this opening assault on the senses from The Amorette’s.


Written by Philip Allely

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