Baleful Creed – Buried Beneath (CD)

Hailing from Northern Ireland Baleful Creed are a classic rock influenced four-piece that also take a nod at the stoner rock section of the genre.

With a growing number of well-received gigs and guest spots under their belts Baleful Creed are now finding themselves in what is undoubtedly their zone musically.

So to the matter at hand what does Buried Beneath offer us? This five track release by the hard-working outfit (founded by John Allen & Fin Finlay) acts as a perfect introduction to the boys Southern Rock influenced double guitar –based doom tinged sound. Each track taking a slightly different tack, yet remaining a distinct part of Baleful Creed’s own persona/style. It’s easy to see why this outfit are rapidly gaining momentum in their career when you listen to each track.

This CD offers up a very reasonable highlight reel of the band at that time (recent offerings have shown them to grow even more as a unit, something for another review I think). Here we get to see the stoner rock roots, the classic rock influenced guitar hooks and of course there is the fist-punching attitude, which along with those twin guitars, let Baleful Creed strut their collective stuff very well indeed.

Buried Beneath is a great introduction to a band with an awful lot to offer the world of rock. They take their art seriously, adapting and working on their sound as they grow.


Written by Philip Allely

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