Bang Bang Firecracker – Welcome To The Slaughterhouse

Bang Bang Firecracker

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On 28 March 2020
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Killer debut album! The lunatics have definitely taken over the asylum!

Bang Bang Firecracker – Welcome To The Slaughterhouse


Yet another example of seeing a band for the first time that I’ve never heard of and being blown away which is why I always watch the support bands. Stoke based metal maniacs Bang Bang Firecracker played only their fourth ever gig that night at the Rigger in Stoke and they’ve carried that vibe into the studio for their debut album Welcome To The Slaughterhouse.

Eight tracks for £8 are what’s served here as the title track hits its stride after a brief piano intro. A full on bludgeon and catchy choruses pave the way for an over the top guitar solo. A riff heavy midsection precedes a slower take on the chorus as an eerie outro ends on “Welcome to the slaughterhouse, it’s a living hell”. ‘The Non Believers’ is a glorious grind as it oozes along at a snails pace backed by a cathartic vocal from Kieron Berry. Headphone rattling bass guitar runs and strangely enough, Shadows like guitar lines make ‘All Thriller – No Filler’ hard to pigeonhole but it pounds along at headbanging pace. ‘Devil Dolls’ is kick drum driven heavy metal as a ‘Raining Blood’ like intro leads into a bare knuckle bruiser number topped off by guitar solos that fly from the fretboard.

‘Immortalized’ is mid paced thrash to get the air guitars out to and as if the drums are not prominent enough, there is a mini meltdown midway. Heads down brutal boogie is on the cards as ‘Witch Proof’ casts its spell as it takes a step back briefly for the choruses and wild bass guitar runs. ‘Tasting Hatred’ is another groovy metal monster. Akin to a musical avalanche, it gains momentum as it progresses to face melting guitar solos. They blast us once more for closing track ‘Hellbent For Pleasure’. All cylinders are fired up as riffs strain at the leash behind a vocal snarl. Guitar frenzy midway is breathtaking as a repeated gang fueled outro of “Bang bang firecracker” makes sure we don’t forget who they are!



Bang Bang




Welcome To The Slaughterhouse.

The Non Believers.

All Thriller – No Filler.

Devil Dolls.


Witch Proof.

Tasting Hatred.

Hellbent For Pleasure.


Killer debut album! The lunatics have definitely taken over the asylum!

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