Autopsy – Live In Chicago

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On 31 October 2020
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Release date: 30/10/20
Running length: 60mins 0secs.
30 years of brutality rolled into one live release.

Recorded at Reggie’s Rock Club on 7th March 2020, and just about squeezed in prior to the Covid lockdown (which one, I hear you ask), thrash metal legends Autopsy bring us their first official live album. With just over an hour of classis tracks from over the last thirty years on offer, the Californian quartet also throw in a newbie in the form of ‘Maggots In The Mirror ‘ , which you can view the video to on the link above. Rumour has it that this live album was not originally intended, but became a product of the Covid lockdown, with a string of other dates obviously cancelled for the band.

And so…on with the show. The band attack with ‘Severed Survival ‘. Brutal. Filthy. Dirty. There isn’t much else to say in all honesty. Each track available here is played with precision and are brilliantly mixed by Adam Munoz, who has also worked on the band’s studio albums.

Chris Reifert’s vocals are a haunting echo throughout the set and are captured just nicely by the mixing. What I also like about this mix is that it’s pure live. No crowd imitating, no f**k up hiding, just pure as you see it and as you hear it live. Just as it should be, so that it takes you there, where you want to be, right at the front of the crowd.

I urge you to go out and buy this little bit of history from Autopsy. It’s as pure as it gets, as brutal as it gets, and is typical Autopsy as good as they get.

Just a quick note on new track ‘Maggots In The Mirror ‘. 100 seconds of thumping trash filth. That is all. Lovely.



1 – Severed Survival   2 – Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay   3 – Disembowel   4 – Ridden With Disease

5 – In The Grip Of Winter   6 – Arch Cadaver   7 – Fleshcrawl   8 – Torn From The Womb   9 – Embalmed

10 – Gasping For Air   11 – Voices   12 – Maggots In The Mirror   13 – Burial   14 – Critical Madness

15 – Service For A Vacant Coffin   16 – Pagan Saviour   17 – Charred Remains   18 – Fuck You!!!


Chris Reifert – Vocals / Drums   /   Eric Cutler – Vocals / Guitars   /   Danny Coralles – Guitars   /   Joe Allen – Bass


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Release date: 30/10/20 Running length: 60mins 0secs. 30 years of brutality rolled into one live release.

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