Dennis Jarman

Full time downtrodden album/gig reviewer and part time rock God!

Promethium-Bleeding The Ghost-Album Review-Planetmosh

Lancaster based metal maniacs Promethium raise up the spirits with their latest studio album ‘Bleeding The Ghost’, due for release late 2023. The ten tracks here crackle with energy, point proven by opening track ‘Goat’. It’s a calm before the metal storm of bubbling bass guitar lines, metronomic drum patterns …

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Vanitas-Between Lune & Eden-Single Review-Planetmosh

Birmingham based Vanitas return with a bang and not a whimper with their monumental, recently released new single ‘Between Lune & Eden’. To these ears it’s the heaviest song they’ve unleashed vocally and musically for five fast and furious minutes. They class themselves as ‘cinematic djent’ and this genre weaves …

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Spades GT-Sewer City Radio-Album Review-Planetmosh

We must give thanks to Barrie, Ontario, Canada for unleashing Spades GT as they fire up the furnace in hell with their incendiary debut album Sewer City Radio, saying that “We’ve come to save rock n roll” These eight party starting and finishing songs crash and burn with a put …

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Red Spektor-3-Album Review-Planetmosh

Can you remember the first time you saw Jurassic Park with the scene when the ground is shaking from an oncoming Tyrannosaurus Rex? Well, Stoke-On-Trent noisy bastards Red Spektor try to emulate that scenario with their third studio album 3, recently released by KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ. Lead vocalist and guitarist Rob …

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Syteria-SyteriaWorld-Album Review-Planetmosh

Syteria return as the self proclaimed “A realm of colourful, pounding and punked – melodic rock” with third album SyteriaWorld via Cargo Records on August 11th 2023! The Yorkshire based quartet welcome you to their world with fourteen tracks, kicking off with ‘Chasing Dreams’. It’s driven by a huge main …

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Wytch Hazel-‘IV:Sacrament’-Album Review-Planetmosh

So many bands, and so little time, so my usual saying of “How has this band passed my radar?” certainly applies to the very impressive and very metal Lancaster-based Wytch Hazel who have not just released but also unleashed their fourth studio album ‘IV: Sacrament’ via Bad Omen Records that …

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