Attica Rage – Road Dog Forever, Live In Concert [DVD]

A true ‘Fly On The Wall’ rockumentary that will keep you glued to the screen.

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‘Road Dog Forever’ the DVD is so much more than the title suggests, for here we have not one but two DVD’s, each featuring around two hours worth of live material, studio sessions and general tomfoolery.
Filmed by Colin Wood (himself a long suffering Attica fan) over a period of two years, this isn’t just a run of the mill concert DVD but more of a documentary interwoven with live performances mainly centering around the ‘Road Dog Forever’ period in Attica’s history.
The bulk of disc one features tracks recorded live at the bands triumphant return to the Classic Grand, Glasgow in September of 2011, a set that featured all the fans favourites, including ‘Back To The Old School’, ‘Ashamed’, ‘Contradictions’ amongst many others, all cleverly interspersed with clips from various points of the bands career, such as the infamous ‘Urinalgate’ and Chalet Gig moments from Hard Rock Hell. Hard Rock Hell Ibiza and Hammerfest highlights are also featured, as well as the recording of ‘Altea’ with the talented Christie Connor-Vernal. If your already an Attica Rage fan then doubtless there will be many moments on the DVD that you’ll remember well, indeed to some this may represent the only recollection they have of such events.
Disc two again is pretty jam packed with material. The Classic Grand set is featured once again, including the cover of AC/DC’s ’Shot Down In Flames’ with the wonderful Praying Mantis, the official videos for the singles ’Ashamed’ and ’36 Insane’ and a ’making of’ documentary based around the recording of the ’Road Dog’ album. The disc also features some priceless deleted scenes including the legend that is Big C’s performance of ’That’s Life’ which is just amazing.
If you’re an Attica Rage fan (and I stand guilty as charged) then this will have you beaming from ear to ear. If your not really that familiar with the band then this represents an excellent opportunity to acquaint your self with one of the hardest working and most fan friendly bands on the circuit at the moment. A release that gives an intriguing and in depth view of a band laid bare before the camera, warts and all.
Highly recommended.

Rating 9/10.

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