Attica Rage at The Classic Grand, Glasgow 16/9/11

I had been looking forward  to this one-off special show for ages. Attica Rage were performing the full of their latest album ‘Road Dog’ live with guest musicians Dave Arcari, Christie Connor-Vernal & Steve Lightbody, engineered live sound by producer Roddymacaudio.

The show was also being filmed for a promo video single & live concert film by Colin Wood Media.

For a lot us Attica fans this was not to be missed! A lot of the Clan Attica travelled from all around England, Wales and from all over Scotland and possibly even further afield to The Classic Grand to see this showcase concert with support from Praying Mantis.

As normal the Attica Rage guys and girls were busy chatting to their friends and fans before Praying Mantis came on.

Praying Mantis if you have never heard of them they formed in the mid 70’s and are one of the NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) bands, think hard melodic rock style.

Praying Mantis are back looking for new prey and have been getting great album and live reviews over the last few years. So are they as good as all the hype?  From the start of their set I can honestly say I was caught!

The guys were on superb form and clearly enjoying themselves on stage as much as we were enjoying the set. With Gary beating out great rhythms on the drums, Mike’s superb powerful voice and range, Chris’s brilliant bass playing and the double rock guitar sounds of Tino and Andy, there was nothing not to like.

They finished up with ‘Captured City’ which I have on the compilation album ‘Metal For Muthas’ vinyl, def great blast from the past and Mike’s singing has revived this song.

It was a tight, powerful and a bit more rockier than I expected! They are great to watch as they do some superb rock poses and moves. I cannot wait to see them again in December at Hard Rock Hell.

Attica Rage took to the stage to the sound of lots of cheers, clapping and Attica chants.

They launched the set with the first song on the album ‘36 Insane’. They blast this one out, the guys sounding on top form. There has been some changes change to the album running order next up is ‘Altered Reality’, ‘Hacked For Vanity’ both these songs are hard rocking tracks and they follow on fantastically from 36 Insane.  ‘Contradictions’ most people who have seen Attica before have heard this track and tonight it sounds just as great as ever.

Steve Lightbody joins the guys onstage to play the keyboard parts for the next few songs. ‘Ashamed’ which is written by Stevie sounded gorgeous tonight, it’s the best I’ve ever heard it.

The place is slowed down a little for ‘High’ and ‘Lost’ both tracks sound great and they lead us in perfectly for ‘Altea’ an instrumental track with Christie Connor-Vernal on cello and Jonny on acoustic guitar. The guitar part was written by Richie years ago, it sounded sublime.

‘One Minute Silence’, ‘Change In The Iris’ bring us back up to normal tempo and with most of the crowd singing along enjoying everything Attica has to offer. ‘Swimming With Sharks’ and ‘Through The Inner Eye’ get the same response.

‘Road Dog Forever’ with Dave Arcari on slide guitar gives this track an even more heavier rockin sound than on the album. Dave’s playing was brilliant so was his on stages moves, he hardly ever stays still.

They finished the album set with one of my long term favourite Attica songs. ‘Back To The Old School’ it is the final track on the album and its great, powerful beat and it finishes off the set perfectly.

After an ecstatic reaction from the crowd, screams, cheers, wolfs whistles etc, Jonny announces that Praying Mantis are joining them on stage for a song, with both bands on stage belting out AC/DC’s ‘Shoot Down In Flames’ there is definitely a party atmosphere throughout, with lots of people singing and dancing along.

After Praying Mantis leaves the stage Attica treat us to one more song and a firm crowd favourite, a cover of Motorhead’s ‘Overkill’. It is the perfect song to finish up the night on.

All the Attica guys were on top form and they were rocking their hearts out, mix this with a stunning support band and guest artists, superb crowd, atmosphere, sound and lighting it makes one hell of an evening.

I first saw Attica Rage way back in 2006 and can say that this was one of their best gigs to date.


Attica Rage Setlist

The set was done in a different order to the album.

36 Insane

Altered reality

Hacked For Vanity






One Minute Silence

Change In The Iris

Swimming With Sharks

Through The Inner Eye

Road Dog Forever

Back To The Old School


Praying Mantis and Attica Rage Jam – Cover of AC/DC’s Shoot Down In Flames



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