Adimiron – K2

Hailing from Italy Adimiron are due to release their third album K2 on the 28th of November 2012 by Bakerteam Records.

The first track on the album Oriens starts off with an interesting traditional Asian excerpt. This is then drowned out by five chunky riffs and the track starts to pick up. At 0.37 it kicks off with an insanely groovy drum beat, I think I uttered a ‘ho-ho!’

The vocals at first reminded me of a mix of Max Cavalera and Matt Drake but Andrea Spinelli certainly has his own style.

While I am writing this I am still listening to the track and finding it very difficult as there are so many amazing parts I want to pause and comment on. I will go back to one point 3.08 that riff… This is only the first track!….4.23 those blast beats from Federico Maragoni are stunning.


At the start of Where Nothing Changes there is a vocal harmony which is refreshing and has me waiting anxiously for an explosion. Davide Corliano’s bass line in the background is full of chunk.

3.17! Federico Maragoni you are a beast!


Track three; Vertical Limit starts off with another Davide Corliano bass line and uneasy whispering from Andrea Spinelli which then blasts into full volume. I have no idea how they are making that noise at 3.00 but it’s insane! Offfffffft a wee solo at 3.46, I love the guitar tone.

Passenger starts off with a stunning clean vocal from Andrea Spinelli. I am glad this track was included to show another element of the bands capabilities. Very beautiful, even when it starts to get heavier that feeling of sorrow and desperation still lingers. A lovely harmony at 3.00 with a pinch, nice.

The fourth track The Whisper in fact contains no whispering, of any kind. Which is not surprising considering it features Annihilator frontman Dave Padden. A fantastic combination of voices in this track which adds real depth (It sounds like they are both singing but I maybe wrong) It also contains an interesting instrumental near the end.

When listening To Whom It May Concern I can feel the hate and frustration expressed in the music coming through. I found myself connecting with the track instantly.

Above the Rest is another slower track and yet again another example of the band’s talent. I was greatly moved by this track.

Ooooooooo that riff at the start of Red Condition! Love the guitar tone! Almost Death-like.

The concept behind the album is thought provoking and adds a deeper element to the tracks. The band’s website described it as “an intriguing metaphysical concept about a man going through a deep search of his inner self” That idea certainly came across.

I almost wish I had something negative to say so that this review sounded more realistic but to be honest I can’t find anything.

The sound production, the variety of sounds and changes, these guys are extreme machines, unbelievable.


Rating:  10 out of 10


Track Listing

1. Oriens

2. Where Nothing Changes

3. Vertical Limit

4. Passenger

5. The Whisperer (featuring Dave Padden)

6. To Whom It May Concern

7. Above The Rest

8. Red Condition

9. Servants Poem

10. Thou Walk Eternal


Band Line up

Federico Maragoni: Drums

Andrea Spinelli: Vocals

Gianluigi Papadia: Guitar

Alessanndro Castelli: Guitar


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