ADIMIRON Reveals “State of Persistence” Music Video


ADIMIRON is quickly making a name for themselves as one of the fastest growing European progressive metal sensations, having already released three well-received albums and boasting performances with bands such as Suffocation, Meshuggah, Sepultura, Annihilator, Death Angel, Vader and many more.


Prepare for ADIMIRON to take over the U.S. with their new album Timelapse, hitting stores on November 4th via Scarlet Records! Timelapse mixes furious thrash riffs and progressive/avant-garde atmospheres with a post-death metal touch. Take a listen to the new track ‘State of Persistence’ via the band’s brand new music video today! Loudwire has the exclusive on the video, check it out here:



The video for ‘State of Persistence’ was directed and created completely by ADIMIRON vocalist Andrea Spinelli and some colleagues, who even handled the very complicated stop-motion work in the video.


Guitarist Alessandro Castelli states, “The entire set was built and designed to fully turn on itself in order to draw the idea of cyclicity, persistence, returning, in line with the concept of the song.”


Timelapse – this new, dark, sinister effort combines all of the elements that make ADIMIRON’s sound so distinctive: rhythmic spasms and asymmetric textures embedded in a progressive and dramatic scenario. Focusing on the synthesis, Timelapse reveals fascinating and obscure landscapes, with no boundaries of any kind.


Stream the track ‘Redemption’ here now:


Castelli adds, “With Timelapse, we’re trying to explore our relationship with the only aspect that cannot be modified in our lives: the flow of time. The new album extends all our personal and daily feelings about the choices that compose our identity, a sort of glass sliding doors. But Timelapse is not only a mirror reflecting our inner tensions: it’s like a “portal” to our relationship with the surrounding world and how it’s been modified from the beginning.”



Timelapse tracklisting:

1. Collateral

2. State of Persistence

3. The Giant and The Cow

4. Timelapse

5. Liar’s Paradox

6. The  Burning of Methuselah

7. Redemption

8. The Furnace Creek

9. Ayahuasca


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ADIMIRON’s previous album, entitled K2, was released fall 2011 and was very well received by critics and fans. K2 has allowed the group to undertake a live activity outside the ordinary. The band, with a hard-touring approach, constantly promoted their own name through Europe, North America and Russia supporting dozens of bands in prestigious international tours and closing the cycle of K2 with over 160 shows completed.


“…features incredibly nimble guitar work… with an ambitious, proggy approach to songwriting…” –


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Alessandro Castelli – Guitars

Federico Maragoni – Drums

Maurizio Villeato – BassGuitars

Andrea Spinelli – Vocals

Thomas Aurizzi – Guitars

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