Stigmhate- The Sun Collapse, Album Review

Stigmhate’s new album The Sun Collapse is uncompromisingly Black Metal.  The Sun Collapse shall be released on the 26th of March 2012 by Bakerteam Records.

It has a heavy and theatrical feel with an evil, grating vocal sound. I am reminded of Belphegor and Naglfar when listening to this album.

I enjoyed the intensity and impressive unrelenting pace of the first two tracks but found that Gathered in Isolation interested me much more. A slower groovier drum beat from Claudio R.  starts it off with some fantastic lead riffs which slowly morph throughout and then leads to a pelting climax.

The starting riff in Sinless Progeny got me instantly hooked. Also the power at 1.04 in In the Last Wake, and again


in the Sun Collapse at 1.20, when that beat kicks in, ooooofft, it was incredible.

Luce, which is the last track on the album, which starts off slow and the uneasy guitar riffs set me on edge, in a good way.

A groovy drum beat kicks in 0.38 and the anticipation rises. At 2.27 I was rewarded with an onslaught of sound which was made even more enjoyable due to the slower start which built to this point, or so I thought until the track took on an even faster pace after an unexpected solo which had an intriguing guitar tone.

Lots of impressive changes, fantastic guitar and bass harmonies from MarcoMike  and Claudio C. on bass, with fast execution throughout. A definite must for Black Metal fans. An unconditionally black metal album. The idea behind the album, the end of the human race, adds another area of interest for me as the lyrics are engrossing.

Sun Collapse was recorded and mixed between Outer Sound Studios, Destroyed Studios, the band’s guitarist Mike and mastered at Hertz Studio to give this album it’s fantastically crisp and engulfing sound quality while still retaining a raw edge.


Rating:  10 out of 10


Track Listing

1. Throne of Eternal

2. Charon

3. Gathered of Isolation

4. Sinless Progeny

5. Architects of Fate

6. Plenary Repulsion

7. In the Last Wake

8. Sun Collapse

9. Luce


Band Lineup

Marco- Guitars

Mike- Guitars

Claudio C. – Bass

Claudio R. – Drums

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