Adimiron – K2

Adimiron hail from Italy and have been in existence since 1999. This is their third full length release and their first on Bakerteam Records.

The bands 2004 debut release in the bands own words was “ a good death metal release”, since then they have moved in a very different direction.  They have also amassed an impressive list of tour partners including Death Angel, Meshuggah and Sepultura. Whilst maintaining the underlying heaviness of death metal they have incorporated many more influences into their sound most notably Opeth, Gojira and Nevermore. In terms of internet fame the band appear to be a closely guarded secret.

The album flows very well from the opening strains of “Oriens”; it is a statement of intent, grabbing the attention very quickly after an intro of sitar. This is where the first references to Nevermore become very apparent, a slamming riff interspersed with double bass.

First impressions of the vocals are they are overly harsh to suit the music, but with each listen the vocal style makes sense in context to the music. The vocals are similar to Jens Kidman from Meshuggah just not as extreme, the versatility in the vocals come into play on “Passenger” which has a definitive Opeth structure, awkward time signatures, clean vocals and the tamest song on the album. “The Whisperer” features vocals from Dave Padden of Annihilator fame, who adds another dimension to the vocals on this track.

The songs for the most part on the album are of a similar nature, downtuned heavy riffing patterns with understated melodies weaving in and out of the chugging  rhythms. This album becomes familiar at a frightening rate; “Servants Poem” is another stand out with a relentless riff and string scratches exactly like Gojira. The only track that doesn’t cut it is “Thou Walk Eternal”, not the strongest climax to the record.

Production on the album is superb and was mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren (Amon Amarth, Opeth), big sound and all instruments sitting perfectly in the mix. The songs are well constructed and are memorable but perhaps only due to the obvious influences. I am not sure how much longevity this album will have but in the meantime it can be enjoyed for what it is, very competent modern metal that has come after the thrash/death metal boom of the 2000’s.

Rating 7/10

Track Listing

01. Oriens
02. Where Nothing Changes
03. Vertical Limit
04. Passenger
05. The Whisperer (feat. Dave Padden)
06. To Whom It May Concern
07. Above The Rest
08. The Red Condition
09. Servant’s Poem
10. Thou Walk Eternal


Band Members:

Alessandro Castelli – Guitars
Federico Maragoni – Drums
Maurizio Villeato – BassGuitars
Andrea Spinelli – Vocals



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