5 Star Grave – Drugstore Hell


The Italian mob return with a storming second album. Produced by none other than Tobias Lindell, who’s credits include Europe, Hardcore Superstar,and Crashdiet amongst others, it’s obvious that the band have gone full tilt this time to launch a worldwide assault on the worlds ears.
The vocals of Claudio Ravinale are definitely in the extreme camp but fit the music really well. The sound is pretty much unrelenting, a catchy mix of Heavy Metal, Punk and Industrial all thrown into the melting pot and finishing up somewhere between Rammstein and Papa Roach.
As mentioned previously the album benefits immensely from a top notch production which should pay dividends for the bands development, and now benefiting from a worldwide promotion since signing to Germany’s Massacre Records, things look on the up.
In short, a really solid album full of catchy hooks and melodies all powered by a full throttle vocal which is sure to get your foot tapping and your head banging.

Rating – 8/10.

Track Listing;
1. Terminal Bedroom.
2. Death Put A Smile On My Face.
3. Love Affair With The Beast.
4. Daddy.
5. Death Times Eleven.
6. No Devil Lived On.
7. Dead Girls Don’t Say No.
8. Boy A.
9. If.
10. When The Lights Go Out.
11. Lemmings.

5 Star Grave are;
Claudio Ravinale – Vocals.
Andrea Minolfi – Bass and Vocals.
Thierry Bertone – Lead Guitar.
Herve De Zulian – Synth.
Alessandro Blengino – Rhythm Guitar.
Gabriele Lingue – Drums.


Out now via Massacre Records




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