Zealot Cult – Spiritual Sickness

Zealot Cult

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On 24 December 2018
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Pulverizing Old School Death Metal from Ireland. Not For Posers.

Formed in 2008 hailing from Ireland, Zealot Cult have built themselves a reputation based on hard work and attention to musical detail which is presented here on their first full length in all its glory. The title track arrives with a bang, no intro, no false sense of security – straight into the death metal. The production is clear with bottom end prevalent and the bass can be heard among the razor sharp riffs. This is highly proficient death metal and it will take you on a journey through the glory days of the 90s albeit with a modern twist which is enough to set them ahead of the pack.

There is no denying the obvious love these guys have for all things Pestilence and Morbid Angel. The songs are well structured and do not outstay their welcome. The lead players are very proficient and you can hear the tones and crunches of the old masters in that mix. The vocals of Jay Quigley lie somewhere between Pestilence and Morbid Angel and add to the songs being so memorable so quickly. In an era when death metal is trying to pull in different directions, whether that is with the total chaos of Diocletion or a more melodic approach like At The Gates – Zealot Cult remain routed to point dead and centre.

There is no reinventing the wheel, this is a modern take on the old classics and they make it their own. It is a really honest record that has been beautifully crafted and will be a comfort blanket to the older heads and bring wonderment to a new generation.

It is not often that a death metal record can hit all the markers, make no mistake this has it all, the furious blasting along with the crushing slithering slow passages bringing real menace to proceedings. Top end musicianship is displayed throughout.

This cannot be praised enough and hopefully with the right distribution this goes on to put the band out onto the big stages in Europe and beyond.


  1. Spiritual Sickness
  2. Sea of Suffering
  3. Repent in Flames
  4. Left to Rot
  5. Blades of Jihad
  6. Servi ad deum
  7. Thy Will Be Done
  8. In the Shadow of the Beast

Declan Malone – Drums
Mick Carey – Guitars
Jay Quigley – Guitars, Vocals
Alan Lee – Bass

Pulverizing Old School Death Metal from Ireland. Not For Posers.

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