Zatokrev – The Bat, the Wheel and a Long Road to Nowhere

Zatokrev are a Swiss 4-piece sludge metal band who are quickly on the rise. Their 2008 debut album Bury the Ashes was released to critical acclaim in Europe, the UK and the USA and after extensive worldwide touring and some heavy line-up changes they’re back with their new full-length; The Bat, the Wheel and a Long Road to Nowhere set to be released 13th August via Candlelight Records.

The Bat… begins in classic sludger style with a 9 minute mega track to sink our teeth into. We’re firstly introduced to the chillingly haunting voice used primarily by the lead singer, Frederyk Rotter. Whilst the track does have its more melodic moments it’s mainly a full on assault of some of the heaviest noises you can make on a guitar.

The melodic side of Zatokrev comes in songs such as 9 and Feel the Fire pt. 1. The degree of melody used in parts of songs might be a bit much for some more die hard fans of sludge metal to cope with. But Zatokrev certainly tick every other box associated with their genre. The song Medium along with 9 have some truly terrifying atmospheric interludes complete with captivatingly hypnotic chants and demonic backing vocals – I seriously recommend you don’t listen to this album in the dark.

Zatokrev have produced a record that attends to all of a sludge metal fans needs and more. It has all the atmospheric and trance educing moments combined with fantastic degrees of vocal and musical variation. Whilst this may not be entirely accessible to new listeners of the genre be assured it will pack a punch for the more familiar followers.


Track Listing:
1. Goddamn Lights
2. 9
3. Rodeo with Snakes
4. Medium
5. The Wheel
6. Feel the Fire pt. 1
7. Feel the Fire pt. 2
8. The Bat
9. Angel of Cross

Band Lineup:
Frédéric Hug – Drums
Lucas Löw – Bass/Backing Vocals
Julien Duseyau – Guitar
Frederyk Rotter – Guitar/Vocals

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