Demoraliser – A Living Nightmare

If you are even slightly familiar with the UK hardcore scene there’s no way you haven’t come across north east 5-piece, Demoraliser.  Since their beginnings in 2010, they’ve released 2 EP’s and collaborated with other great bands to produce fantastic split EP’s. With the fame gained from these critically acclaimed releases they’ve managed to share stages with acts such as Bury Your Dead and All Shall Perish.  Now the time has finally come for Demoraliser to make their first, major imprint in the history of music with their debut album A Living Nightmare which is to be released 8th October via Siege of Amida Records.

The opening track, Pretender, pretty much sets the stage for anyone who is unfamiliar with Demoraliser. We’re given a taste of lead vocalist, Jimmy D’s, powerful voice which stays consistently strong throughout the album. As the album goes on, you get the feel that Demoraliser have a very distinct style. Tracks such as the title track, A Living Nightmare, and Early Years give us the usual standard of heavy chugging guitars but blend this with a slower tempo to add a small degree of melody parallel to groove metal.

However, it must be said that a lot of the album gets a little repetitive and the only occasional alternative to the constant chugging riffs is the occasional breakdown, although salvation does lie in the track Blind Sighted which brings some much needed variation to the foreground. The overlying riff is more tuneful and gives us a break from the usual hardcore guitars and the faster paced breakdown breathes new life into the album.

Whilst Demoraliser may yet have a few things to learn, this isn’t a bad first effort. They clearly have their style marked out and as time goes on, I’m confident they will go on to find many more ways to use it. For now, A Living Nightmare will appease the ears of any hardcore fan for sure. Definitely worth checking out.


Track List:
1. Pretender
2. A Living Nightmare
3. Checkmate
4. The House Always Wins
5. Early Years
6. Eye to Eye
7. Mother’s Ruin
8. Reap What You Sow
9. Blind Sighted
10. Blood Meridian

Band Line-up
Jimmy D – Vocals
Nate Dog – Guitar
Jarv’ Rule – Guitar
Donny Starko – Bass
Axl Tanner – Drums

Band Links: 

Download the first EP, ‘Reform.Repent.Revenge’ for FREE from here
Download the second EP, ‘Conveyance’ for FREE from here


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