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Xander And The Peace Pirates

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On 6 May 2022
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Raise the jolly roger flag high as Xander And The Peace Pirates sail the seven seas to bring you the Order Out Of Chaos album.

Purchase links to the album and other band info are here :- https://www.xanderandthepeacepirates.com/shoppeacepirates I https://twitter.com/thepeacepirates I https://www.youtube.com/user/thepeacepirates I https://www.instagram.com/thepeacepirates/ I https://www.xanderandthepeacepirates.com/https://www.facebook.com/xanderandthepeacepirates

Never mind all that May the 4th be with you rubbish, May 6th is far more important as Liverpool based band the tongue twistingly titled Xander And The Peace Pirates release their second studio album today, the utterly charming Order Out Of Chaos. I’ll admit to coming out of my comfort zone of rock/metal reviews once again for this one and I’m glad I did as it opens up with ‘We Cry’. It’s a laid back funk fuelled ballad that enchants with a sparse main riff that beefs up for guitar overload midway, all topped off by a soulful lead vocal.

I was getting a Fleetwood Mac vibe here from ‘Leave The Light On’ as a frail vocal is skin shivering. Piercing guitar lines cut like a knife through a simple but effective drum shuffle.

‘Soul Sailing’ is poignant but still achingly powerful as the intro stops you in your tracks with its sheer beauty until it gathers pace for a folky toe tapping outro.

The choruses for ‘I’m No Good At Being Bad’ arrive early but are so majestic that they don’t overstay their welcome due to their passion. A soothing midsection is the calm before the storm of guitar frenzy that precedes one last dose of that spotlight stealing chorus.

A watertight rhythm section pins down the almost indie rock tinged ‘Order Out Of Chaos’ that grabs you for a five minute heartbreaker.

Guitar chords are as frail as the sublime vocals that clutch at your psyche through ‘Into The Water’.

‘Kiss Your Rain’ goes for the throat with a haunting intro vocal until it heavies up to an explosion of emotions for the choruses that climax with a guitar heavy outro.

‘Breathless’ has deft touches of guitar strings to leave space for a drum pound to drive through this sedate song as the lyrics give a message of hope.

‘Fog’ is a short but sweet winsome song to clear any looming fog with its jarring chords and feisty outro.

They riff it up with final track ‘Heart Stop’, the heaviest track here as they kick out the jams with aplomb until it ends on fretboard burning guitar solos.

Brothers Stu and Keith Xander were discovered on Youtube by former by Gibson Brands CEO Henry Juszkiewicz and also had a five year residency at the Cavern Club in Liverpool but remarkably, lead singer/guitarist Keith was born without a right arm below the elbow so plays guitar with a prosthesis and hook with a pick attached at the end!

Order Out Of Chaos album track listing :-

We Cry.

Leave The Light On.

Soul Sailing.

I’m No Good At Being Bad.

Order Out Of Chaos.

Into The Water.

Kiss Your Rain.



Heart Stop.

Raise the jolly roger flag high as Xander And The Peace Pirates sail the seven seas to bring you the Order Out Of Chaos album.

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