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On 8 November 2020
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A truly hidden gem which tops some of the biggest releases of this year.

Newton’s third law dictates that for every action there’s an equal reaction. You call someone a prick, you get punched in the face. The universe has a way of sorting itself out to keep a sense of balance. If that’s the case, consider this review a reaction in an attempt to set the world at balance. Because, my friends, this band is certainly not getting the reaction they deserve.

Wyrmhaven is a Melodic Death Metal band based in Arizona. They’re a fresh faced bunch in terms of the bands existence, with this being their only release to date. But the band have cut their due teeth. With Bassist Keith Huffman also being a member of the band Decayer, and Drummer Stephen Majalca is an Ex-Member of Bands Coma Prevail and Cons, the remaining bands all experienced in their local scene (which unfortunately I know bugger all about).

But what I’m here to talk about is this EP. And Christ is it underrated. At just under 16 mins this EP blasts through at a bullets pace and with the same impact to boot. Despite being so short it delivers a range that keeps the EP ever-changing which keeps your attention and refuses to let go till it says it’s done. The production done by Ty at Engle Studios is strange in a really good way. The album sounds like how you imagine a Melo-death album from the 90’s would sound today. In the sense of it sounding clean but not squeaky clean. There’s a bit of dirt thrown on the mixing board, which I feel gives a timeless feel to it. Some bands today have a production so clean it doesn’t feel like humans are playing but instead a program made to replicate what it thinks it should sound like. And I dunno about you but have you gone back to those early Melo-death albums? They’re great but it was still early days for sound engineers so the production is just kind of…off. Wyrmhaven have got the best of both worlds, clean but with enough grit to feel raw enough to rip your head off and do unspeakable acts upon said head.

I don’t know what else I can say but please give this band 16 mins of your life and you won’t regret it. The album is now 3 months old and it is criminally underrated. And being unsigned the band don’t have the funds to promote themselves to the full. Do you like Metal and Headbanging? Well so do they and trust me when I say they made an EP worth Headbanging to.

Wyrmhaven is currently unsigned

Band Members:

Alex Parra – Vocals

Ryan Daily – Guitars

Nick Cowan – Guitars

Keith Huffman – Bass

Stephen Majalca – Drums



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A truly hidden gem which tops some of the biggest releases of this year.

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