The Midwich Affair – Hard (single)

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The Midwich Affair

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On 7 November 2020
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An uplifting song to drive away hard those lockdown blues!

Staffordshire based The Midwich Affair in just under four minutes power out a song that straddles the line between indie and hard rock with latest single ‘Hard’. It lives up to its title with a no holds barred delivery that burst through my headphones as lead vocalist Vicky Travis channels her inner Debbie Harry with an angelic performance, point proven by the almost whispered intro of “honey, honey, lift the silks to breathe the truth”.

The song fires up with the snappy snare work of Andy Jackson, bass guitar from Andy Shaw and guitar from Mike Hart as they rock out with all guns blazing. A bass heavy midsection, keyboards and sultry vocal is a calm before the storm race to the finish line outro.

The Midwich Affair band line up :-

Vicky Travis – Lead vocals/keyboards/rhythm guitar.

Andy Shaw – Bass guitar/backing vocals.

Mike Hart – Guitar.

Andy Jackson – Drums.

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An uplifting song to drive away hard those lockdown blues!

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