Words of Farewell – Immersion

Formed in 2007, Words of Farewell are a progressive death metal band from Germany who signed to AFM Records in January of this year and are due to release their debut album ‘Immersion’ on 30 March 2012.

I took some time to write the review for this album as there were times when I completely loved it and times when I was not in the mood.  But that is just the way with music sometimes.  Having said that, this proved to be a great listen when I had a lot of work to do as I found it just galvanised me into action and gave me more energy.  On the flip-side, when I wanted to slow down, this album just didn’t work for me.  But that does by no means signify that this is not a good album, because it is – just listen to it.  What it does signify is that this album works with energy, and it gives the listener the same, which is why, for me personally, it’s reserved for when I need to get things done.  In fact, it’s on right now!

This album is a combination of unforgiving death vocals that bring an angry, menacing feel and sheer melody, through some seriously nice guitar work and the added electronic, ambience effects.  I love the first track ‘Project Daybreak’ and the way it just hits you straight off with guitars and drums but also shows the melodic element that runs strongly through the whole album. It continues to get harder at a discreet rate, building almost without notice, and then retreats somewhat until the vocals kick in.  Again though Alexander Otto’s vocals are deep they do not start with the full umpf you may be expecting, but like the start of the track the vocals and whole song continue to build again to a most pleasing effect.

Another thing you hear continuously is the steady pounding rhythm of the songs and the drums that, like any strong force just keeps going – which explains my comments above.  If you like your exercise, I suggest you put on your running shoes and listen to ‘Ever After’ and ‘On Second Thought’ straight after as they fill you with a fast moving purpose

My favourite track on the album is ‘Sorae’ who’s beginning sounds like the music from the X-Files and leads you to pause and wait for something darker to appear, and fear not, as it does.  This is perhaps the better choice on the album if you were only going to listen to one song before making your decision, as it combines both sides of Immersion’s sound perfectly; this being slightly haunting, electronic melodies on the one side and menacing metal vocals and solid charging drum beats on the other – all wrapped up in the sweet sound of shredding guitars.  In fact, visit their Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/wofofficial) and have a listen now.

The last song on the album is ‘Sundown Serenade’ which begins in a similar way to the first, in that it gets straight on in there with no preamble; though louder and with harder guitar and drum work.  There are sections of this song that hold a distinct prettiness in the use of keyboards and whispered vocals, but this is soon tempered by the force of Otto’s voice and the reinstatement of the steady charging beat.

Overall, I recommend this album as a good listen. I am also interested in going to watch this band live and seeing how the songs translate to the stage, as this album and the way they have been orchestrated would make for a bloody good set.

Rating 8.5/10

Track Listing:

1. Project Daybreak

2. Ever After

3. End Of Transmission

4. On Second Thought

5. Auriga

6. The Great Escape

7. Urban Panorama

8. Sorae

9. Vagrant Story

10. Sundown Serenade

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