Winter Storm – Within The Frozen Design

Follow up album that sees a real step up in class.




Wolverhampton based band Winter Storm return with the follow up to 2010’s well received debut album “Serenity In Darkness”. The music definitely falls into the Dark Gothic category but has a wealth of depth and atmosphere to make sure it is capable of rising above many of its competitors. Nor is it all doom and gloom either, “Symmetric Flow” for example, moves along at a great pace, bordering on Maidenesque riffs in parts, and with a great keyboard backdrop to add to the mood.

The vocal style of Hannah is a difficult one to pigeon hole really, she doesn’t have a particularly operatic voice but instead adopts a much more emotional, deep and meaningful approach, which actually comes across really well, as it moves in tandem with the musical style, creating an impressive overall sound.

The seven string guitar work courtesy of Wayne is worthy of particular mention as well, technically excellent without turning it into ‘a look how good I am’ exercise, “Afraid To Speak” being a great example of what a gifted musician this guy is.

From start to finish, this is a very well thought out and cleverly constructed album, one that provokes and cajoles a reaction from the listener, littered with subtle but effective keyboard melodies that form a perfect backdrop for the remainder of the musical content to shine through. It is also an album that you’ll need to play a number of times before getting the full effect, as it were, as each time I listened, I got something new from it.
In short, an excellent follow up release that will surely enhance and cement the bands reputation.

Track Listing;

1. Cold Creation
2. Wasted Feelings
3. Shadow Weaver
4. Symmetric Flow
5. Afraid To Speak
6. Beneath The Mystery
7. Broken World
8. Universal Design
9. Gatekeeper
10. Dark Awakening
11. Waves Of Misery
12. The Frozen Siren

Winter Storm are;

Hannah – vocals, Guitars
Wayne – Guitars
Jamie – Bass
Doomsday – Keyboards
Will – Drums

Within The Frozen Design sees its release on November the 16th.

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