WHYZDOM “Blind”.

French Philharmonic Metal masters return with a follow up of truly epic proportions.



Formed in 2007 by guitarist Vynce Leff, Whyzdom’s still short career has already been a truly eventful one. A very well received debut E.P. released in 2008 titled “Daughter Of The Night” laid solid foundations in their native country, and quickly led to the debut album proper “From The Brink Of Infinity” in 2009, along with a string of live shows and festivals, including a slot at the prestigious Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium.

All is well you might think, however, things took a bit of a detour when the vocalist left, then the replacement vocalist also parted company with the band, a saga which I could go into with a lot more detail but that’s for another day. Thankfully the band found Elvyne Lorient, a local lass who more than meets the bands criteria, and with stability restored Whyzdom are about to launch new release “Blind” upon the masses.
Having met and spoken to Vynce a couple of times over the last few years, what immediately comes across is his enthusiasm and genuine joy at being able to create the music he so obviously loves. A feeling that manages to permeate through in abundance on this record.

From the opening strains of “The Lighthouse”, the standard is set for an album of immense power, interwoven with epic orchestral sections that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention. “On The Road To Babylon” for example is a majestic composition that showcases each individual members talent superbly well and also shows just how tight a unit this band has become. “The Spider”, another contender for track of the album, delivers a darker and downright menacing feel held together with a monstrous riff that demands to be played at full volume, incorporating some top class guitar work from the incredibly talented Regis Morin.

Every track on the album is as varied in its construction as it is complex, all songs well in excess of five minutes long , again showing the bands passion and thorough determination to deliver something memorable and worthwhile, and boy have they succeeded. Listening to tracks such as “The Wolves” makes you realise how far ahead Whyzdom are in relation to many other bands of this genre both in terms of technical ability and performance. “Blind “ has the very real potential to propel this band to the very top of the Metal league table, and should see them gain an army of new fans.
If you get chance to see the band live, do so, as they put on an incredible show, frustratingly only once so far in the U.K. but I’m sure that will be rectified soon. In the meantime, if you’re a fan of Female Fronted Metal or indeed a fan of Symphonic Metal in general “Blind” is an album that will sit very well in your collection.

Rating 9/10.

Track Listing;
1. The Lighthouse.
2. Dancing With Lucifer.
3. Cassandra’s Mirror.
4. On The Road To Babylon.
5. Paper Princess.
6. The Spider.
7. The Wolves.
8. Venom And Frustration.
9. Lonely Roads.
10. The Foreseer.
11. Cathedral Of The Damned.

Whyzdom are;
Xavier Corrientes – Bass.
Nico Chalumeau – Drums.
Elvyne Lorient – Lead Vocals.
Vynce Leff – Guitar.
Regis Morin – Guitar.
Marc Ruhlmann – Keyboards.

“Blind” sees it’s release on the 30th of October through Scarlet Records.








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