We The People Of Wacken the photo book which began as a ‘Thank You’ to the fans enters a new lease of life!

What started as a ‘thank you’ from the W:O:A – Open Air promoters to the community become a huge critical success. We The People of Wacken, a photography book shot by award-winning photographer Pep Bonet and edited by renowned music journalist Steffan Chirazi, continues to receive wide-acclaim for capturing the unique community that is the Wacken Festival audience in a rousing series of unconventional, dynamic and story-laden images.

We-the-People_print_04Shot by over three days at W:O:A Open Air 2013, Bonet traversed all corners of the Wacken festival site to bring unique views of a community which comes together to form it’s own state annually. Employing a sensibility that has seen him achieve World Press Photography awards for human documentation in the likes of Sierra Leone, Haiti, Chad and India, Bonet integrated with the people of Wacken to capture moments of action and emotion which present a unique view of this enormous festival. Complemented by an essay from Chirazi about the Wacken community, We The People of Wacken is a stunning portfolio which will appeal to anyone who enjoys fine photography and intriguing stories. Added to the stunning visual presentation is a 2 CD soundtrack of the bands who played the festival, allowing the reader a dual-immersion into the world of the Wacken community if desired.

Parallel to the publication of the book, there were already an exhibition of photographs of the book, which were displayed on large billboards, banners and screens around on the 25th Wacken Open Air.

What started in Wacken, will be continued in an unprecedented, global exhibition. To introduce the unique Wacken spirit to a wide audience, the banners will be exhibited in various places and venues.

More exclusive footage will be exhibited via social media on https://www.facebook.com/WackenOpenAir.official. The global community is invited to be a part of the exhibition. We’ll offer the possibility to give own captions for some images – the two best captions will win a copy of the book “We the People of Wacken”.


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