BUTCHER BABIES announce details for upcoming “Uncovered” EP

BUTCHER BABIES, have recorded an EP of cover tunes that will surely please fans of the band, as well as fans of the artists that performed them originally. Titled “Uncovered”, this EP (digital only!) will be released on the 6th October  in Europe (September 30 in North America) and features the following five tracks:

BUTCHER BABIES uncovered“Uncovered” track-listing:
1. Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers (ZZ Top cover)
2. They’re Coming to Take Me Away (Napoleon XIV cover)
3. Don’t Give a Fuck (Suicidal Tendencies cover)
4. Crazy Horses (The Osmonds cover)
5. Pussy Whipped (S.O.D. cover)

BUTCHER BABIES’ Carla Harvey (vocals) comments: “It was a blast recording songs that we have been fans of our entire lives and putting our spin on them. We all chose a song that had some significance to us. My pick was ‘They’re Coming to Take Me Away’ by NAPOLEON XIV because I have a vivid memory of my stepdad, who I considered completely insane, playing it over and over again on his car stereo when I was a pre-teen. The song is about being taken away to a mental institution. I can still see him tapping his fingers on his steering wheel to the beat...”

BUTCHER BABIES’ Heidi Shepherd (vocals) adds: “As an eight or nine-year-old little girl, I used to rummage through my parents’ albums and 8-tracks looking for some cool music. In hopes that my parents had at least a little bit of good taste, I would play every single song looking for something that I could latch on to. That’s when I came across ‘Crazy Horses’ by THE OSMONDS; it was the heaviest song I had heard at that age. I would play that song over and over and over again, I was addicted. To this date, it’s still one of my favorite songs and reminds me so much of growing up in Provo, Utah.

In regards to BUTCHER BABIES’ cover of The Osmonds’ “Crazy Horses”, Donny Osmond comments: “When we released ‘Crazy Horses,’ we were pushing against what THE OSMONDS were known for, but it became a greatest hit. The BUTCHER BABIES have reinvented this song in a creative and innovative way — and that’s what music is about. Now…What if I had recorded ‘Puppy Love’ like this?

BUTCHER BABIES released their Century Media debut full length “Goliath” beginning of 2014 and took part in that year’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, where they are a mainstay on the Jagermeister stage and a breakout band of the fest. Following that, they toured the US with the legendary Glenn Danzig and were invited to play at Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare. Early 2014 saw the band invade Europe for the first time, where they quickly established themselves as one of the dominant new-comers in the global heavy metal scene.

The band then spent the Spring of 2014 on tour with BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and DOWN, playing on many of America’s premier metal festivals – Columbus OH’s Rock on the Range and Oklahoma’s Rocklahoma, to name a few. It was on this tour that the band made plans to record some of their favorite tunes. Each band member chose a track, and in the early summer of this year, they entered the studio with producer Logan Mader (Devildriver, Gojira, 5 Finger Death Punch) to dissect and “butcher” these five classics, creating something all their own.


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