VIOLET BLEND new album ‘Demons’ out April 1 on Eclipse Records

Demons is the second full-length album from the band, and it was recorded by Alessandro Del Vecchio (Quiet Riot, LA Guns, Nanowar of Steel). There are thirteen tracks on Demons, all cornerstones for the theme of ambitious yet contradictory facades.

Each song is represented in the cover art as masks of demons from many cultures throughout the world such as Greek mythology, Dante’s literature, and The Aztec Empire. “Rock DJ”, “Among All These Fools”, and “Need” are the three singles off the album, each with a music video, and a fourth music video for a stunning arrangement of Giuseppe Verdi‘s “La Donna Mobile” will be released when the album drops. Demons is an exciting record with something for everyone, from the superlative vocal to the rhythm-chops that seem to echo the true pulse of the world. Are you ready to rock?

Genre: Alternative Metal, Modern Rock


Violet Blend is an Italian alternative metal band, featuring awe-inspiring female vocals, rich sonic power, and unbridled energy. Founded in Florence (Italy) in 2014, the band has received high praise from critics and several prestigious awards, both locally and abroad.


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