Vader, Aborted and Bonded By Blood Review 07.02.13

Many of those here tonight are to embrace the line up that is filled with Death Metal, Hardcore/grindcore and Thrash metal. NQ Live (originally known as Moho Live) was filling fast. It will be pleasure to see Vader tonight, with their massive amount of material drawing from ‘Welcome to the Morbid Reich’ to ‘Impressions in Blood’ or even as far back as ‘The ultimate Incantation’ . 

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Bonded By Blood may be a support band for tonight but there is to be a lot said about their Southern California thrash. This will be the first time they have played in the UK with their newly reformed line up changes, vocalist Mauro Gonzalez and bass player Jessie Sanchez. Being known for their tongue and cheek charisma, their newly released album ‘The Aftermath’ proves they can have their cake and eat it too. Their new formula includes brutality, maturity enriched with the familiar sound that is BBB.
Tonight they churn out their infectious metal songs that shake the audience into life, ‘Crawling in the Shadows’ and fist pumping ‘Restless Mind’.

Aborted have refined and re-defined their grindcoresque death metal. However their raw and extremity is something of an attachment to them, an expectation if you like. Their behavior is animalistic  and primitive, because vocals are as harsh as the heavily distorted tuned down guitars, in a place like NQ Live it’s very hard to distinguish the dynamics within the songs, it starts to become noise. Aborted are a band that could very easily fill a bigger venue that had the capability of maximizing their sound, giving the fans what they deserve.
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The band that everyone has been waiting for… Vader. The previous bands who have only played a thirty minute set so Vader could explore their momentous presence on stage. They appear one by one captivating every member of the audience. They bring forth a intense set with full devotion, emotion, and full shredding delivery from guitarist Pajak. Peter Wiwczarek may not have the most energetic performance however he still has a commanding aura that takes the breathe away from each and every one below. The enthusiasm from the fans was just insane, the whole floor was one mosh pit, as the infection spread right across he venue. It is certain to say Vader proved tonight they still have what it takes to be one of top performing death metal bands.

All Photos courtesy of John McGibbon Photography.


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