Tiamat – The Scarred People

451 Tiamat Four years have passed since “Amanethes” and Tiamat recently released its successor, “The Scarred People”. A new album that echoes the history of Sweden’s Gothic Rock pioneers.

Not many bands get to album number ten in their career without undergoing at least one change in direction. The late nineties was like a graveyard for bands that diversified in an attempt to find themselves artistically.  Some, hastily returned to their classic sound. Others, like Tiamat, have long since broken from the shackles and constraints of their Death/Black metal roots and embraced the gothic panorama. The leap of faith to “Wildhoney” and “A Deeper Kind Of Slumber” has been a testament to them ever since.

The title track introduces the album at quite an up tempo pace. Rhythmic and soulful, it parades with a marching insistence.  Another rather upbeat song is the foreboding “Winter Dawn”. As with most releases, soundbytes and effects echo throughout the album and they lend to the overall effect with much aplomb. “384 Kteis” is despondent doom that chills the warmest of hearts. Closing track, and album highlight, “The Red of the Morning Sun” is the moment emulates the classic Tiamat sound as the morose magicians melt melancholic minds.

In the past, Tiamat have been described as emotionless. Yet with such melancholy and introspection there must be feeling. From the beautiful strains of “The Sun Also Rises”, to the upbeat call to revolution of “Love Terrorists”, Johan Edlund; the ever present overseer of the three headed beast, takes us into his deepest emotions through his lyrics and his haunting guitar melodies.

To close, I take reference from “Thunder & Lightning”.  Raise your glasses high and celebrate, Tiamat – “The Scarred People”


Track Listing

1. The Scarred People
2. Winter Dawn
3. 384EKteis
4. Radiant Star
5. The Sun Also Rises
6. Before Another Wilbury Dies
7. Love Terrorists
8. Messinian Letter
9. Thunder & Lightning
10. Tizni
11. The Red of the Morning Sun


Johan Edlund
Anders Iwers
Roger Öjersson
Lars Sköld


“The Scarred People” is out now on Napalm Records

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