UPON WINGS – Afterlife E.P.

Exceptional release from an equally exceptional band.


Upon Wings Afterlife

American Operatic Metal band Upon Wings are about to unveil their four track E.P. to the world next month, so we thought we had better take a look at what all the fuss is about.
For a start, the band definitely can lay claim to having a ‘big’ sound, classy thunderous guitar riffs, making a solid background from which the vocals of Anne Autumn Erickson shine through like the brightest star. For discerning fans of Female Fronted Metal I would compare Anne’s vocal delivery to that of solo period Tarja mixed with mezzo-soprano highlights a la Simone, with a sprinkling of Charlotte Wessels thrown in for good measure. Musically, again I draw on comparisons with Tarja and Delain but undoubtedly Upon Wings have a fast growing personality and sound all of their own.
Opening track ‘Afterlife’ is an atmospheric affair, offering thoughts of moonlit forests, swirling mists and ladies in long flowing dresses but still backs it up with an Evanescence style melody that really packs a punch.
Track two, ‘Take Away’ is simply stunning, a veritable feast of changing tempos, soaring vocals and a kick ass drum sound. Actually, I was reminded slightly of Stream Of Passions cover of ’Street Spirit’, admittedly mainly because of the aforementioned drum sound but also due to the overall ’feel good’ vibe.
The Dream’ really showcases Anne’s wonderful voice to its giddy heights, a beautiful, harmony laden and truly mesmeric journey through a musical garden of emotion. Not the heaviest track you’ll come across by any means but so what, this track demonstrates more than enough power in its emotional content than many others could dream of.
Closing track ’You Are My Weapon’ turns things up a notch on the volume dial, with its punchy guitar work, and melody not to dissimilar to Tarja’s ’I Walk Alone’ in places, all making for a perfect finale to proceedings.
Summing up, I must say that I have been very impressed by this E.P. both in terms of its song writing quality and its extremely professional production and delivery. A real must for all fans of Female Fronted Metal.

Rating 9/10.

Track Listing;

1. Afterlife.
2. Take Away.
3. The Dream.
4. You Are My Weapon.

Upon Wings are;

Anne Autumn Erickson – Vocals.

Glenn Brown – Keyboards.
Kevin Jardine – Guitars.
Brett Hestla – Guitars, Drums and Guest Vocals.
Peter Tzaferis – Drums.

Released on the 5th of March.



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