TRIA – Stand My Ground/Third Step, Revolution

TRIA - Stand My Ground
TRIA – Stand My Ground

I came to hear about TRIA from my initial review of the amazing Man.Machine.Industry‘s album Lean Back, Relax and Watch the World Burn in March last year (and it’s a stonking album too that deserves a listen if you like your industrial metal and rock, check out the review if you don’t believe me). I’ve been keeping an eye on what MMI have been up to and recently frontman J.Bergman announced a project with former Engel vocalist Magnus Klavborn and Always War‘s Ronnie Nyman.

TRIA brings together three of Sweden’s most powerful frontmen into a project that provides not just a creative outlet but, from this double-track single digital release, a style that is very very different from what you would expect from each of their backgrounds.

Both tracks bring to mind dirty, punky, skanky rock. There’s a raw, gritty and grunge like production to both tracks that suits them down to a tee. I’m loving the sound indeed. It’s like a grunged up Offspring clashing head first into the likes of The Kinks, The Ramones, The Misfits et al. Spiky, full of attitude and dirty as hell and that works for me big style.

Stand My Ground is positively anthemic in its approach as it builds towards its pounding conclusion. It bursts with aggression the further it carries you into it. Third Step, Revolution catches you unaware with its intro before it powers into a real hardcore tinged attack as both Magnus Klavborn and Ronnie Nyman proceed into an almighty vocal battle throughout. It’s the kind of track that would get a crowd bouncing in a live situation, all the while backed by dirty, pounding guitar work from Bergman.

You know what else is so great about these tasty little three minute plus morsels? They make you want more, they make you want to hear more, they make you want to grab these guys by the balls and shout “GIVE. ME. MORE”. These tracks sit there dangling like a bloody great carrot in front of me, just waiting to be nibbled on before we get more… so come on guys, you’ve fed us one hell of an entrée, now give us the rest of this dirty slab of rock and roll because I like what I’m hearing.

TRIA’s single releases are available digitally on iTunes and Amazon through GMR Music

1. Stand My Ground
2. Third Step, Revolution

TRIA are:
Magnus Klavborn – Lead vocals
Ronnie Nyman – Lead vocals
J. Bergman – Guitar/backup vocals

Additional drums, Studio & live:
Thomas Ohlsson and CJ Sillén


TRIA - photo by Lars Lindén
TRIA (L to R: Magnus Klavborn, J Bergman and Ronnie Nyman)
photo by Lars Lindén

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