TRIA – Third Step, Revolution

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On 8 July 2014
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TRIA - Third Step, Revolution
TRIA – Third Step, Revolution

They made me wait. They made me wait a WHOLE YEAR for the full EP. It was July 2013 when I was dropped a couple of blindingly tasty morsels from the TRIA EP, “Third Step, Revolution”, and it’s only been in the past few weeks I’ve been able to wrap my lugs around the full six track EP. It was worth the wait though, believe me.

If you don’t know about TRIA, the project brings together three of Sweden’s most powerful and respected frontmen together to produce a style that is indeed a departure from what you would expect given each of their backgrounds. Magnus Klavborn (ex-Engel), Ronnie Nyman (Always War) and J. Bergman (Man.Machine.Industry) have come together here to make one almighty, bloody glorious noise!

Going back to my initial review of their teaser tracks (both of which are on this EP), I recall the style was very much a dirty, punky, skanky rock. It also reminds me a lot of Metallica’s St Anger. Its approach is acerbic, stinging, raw, aggressive. It grabs you by the balls, it chews you up, it spits you out, then precedes to do it all over again track after track.

Stand My Ground kicks this EP off in fine fashion and hearing it again just reminds me how anthemic it feels. It’s a fist pounder, a head banger, one that would certainly get the crowd jumping and the adrenaline rushing. Fuel keeps that blood pumping, introducing a degree of pace into the mix while maintaining that raw anger driven by huge sludge-laden riffage. Middle Finger, as its name suggests, is 100% aggression. It feels and indeed sounds like a big fuck you to the World.

Drag You Down is also aptly named. It’s doomy and stompy and shouty. Forgive the simplest of descriptions there, but it is what it is. A great change of pace and tact from the first three tracks, it almost acts as a breather before Sitt Ner (Sit Down) races in with a punchy attack that makes you feel like you’re being punched in the face repeatedly, before stomping on you with its huge size 12 boots.

The title track closes out the EP in one all-encompassing, majestic assault. It’s the culmination of an anger that’s been building up over the space of the previous five tracks. It throws everything at you with a controlled rage and delivers a final knockout blow before finish.

This dirty slab of rock and roll assaults my ears in a bloody great way. For the love of GOD the EP isn’t even the cost of a pint on iTunes. Go and buy it, go and listen. You will NOT be disappointed. I personally guarantee it.

Third Step, Revolution is available now digitally on itunes

1. Stand My Ground
2. Fuel
3. Middle Finger
4. Drag You Down
5. Sitt Ner
6. Third Step, Revolution

TRIA are:
Magnus Klavborn – Lead vocals
Ronnie Nyman – Lead vocals
J. Bergman – Guitar/backup vocals

Additional drums, Studio & live:
Thomas Ohlsson and CJ Sillén


TRIA - photo by Lars Lindén
TRIA – photo by Lars Lindén

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