Tony Wright, Acoustic TV interview – June 2013

Tony WrightWe caught up with Tony Wright for a quick interview before he heads off to play at this year’s Download. We find out about last year’s Terrorvision tour, Acoustic TV and his up and coming tour with Ricky Warwick in July.

Can you please introduce yourself to the readers. 

Hi I am Tony Wright from Terrorvision, LaikaDog and now Acoustic TV.

Looking back at last year’s Terrorvision tour, can you describe  how it was for you!

Highlights Last year was ace. It was a great reminder of how much folk loved the tunes and gigs. Every night walking onto the stage was a complete honour and kinda humbling.

Worst moments I suppose the end when the lights go down and the silence begins… well mixed in with the ringing noises that you get at the end of a tour.

What have you been doing since the TV tour finished?

Playing gigs and recording with LaikaDog and making stuff in my print workshop/studio (oldfield press).

How did ‘Acoustic TV’ come about?

Being in a rock’n’roll band has its ups and downs and to do it right everyone has to be on the same up or down. It is like trying to get different folk to all shake double six every time.

I think it should be like that but a TV tour wasn’t going to come together and I wanted to play more gigs so I reworked and shimmied about with some of the old classics and came up with something folk will understand and maybe hear the songs in a different way.

Terrorvision 6100What do you have in store of the your set at Download?

Short set so it will be a great way to introduce Acoustic TV and what we are going to be doing.

You are doing an acoustic tour around the UK in July with Ricky Warwick, how did the tour come about?

As I said, I wanted  to tour and me and Ricky share an agent and at this time, a wish to go gigging!

What are you looking forward to the most?

All of it from the end of the first song to the getting out about in the sun up and down the UK.

Will you be recording and releasing any of the live performance?

Probably not but might make a little film of our adventure. If not this one the next…

What are you plans for after the tour is finished?

Another adventure. We would kinda like to ride accross the country coast to coast and play in some fields and venues en route. Would love to go the full hog and use a cycle powered stage my mate built but I can’t even spell lojistics so lets see how far we can take this hair brained idea.

Thank you for taking the time out and have a great time at Download.

Acoustic On Tour will be featuring classics from Thin Lizzy, The Almighty, Black Star Riders, Terrorvision and Ricky and Tony’s solo projects.

UK Tour dates for 2013

RICKY WARWICK  TONY WRIGHT TOurThu 11 July                  Exeter                          Cavern Club
Fri 12 July                    Southampton              The Cellar
Sat 13 July                   Rugby                           The Vault
Sun 14 July                  Bristol                           The Fleece
Tue 16 July                  Sheffield                      Corporation
Wed 17 July                Manchester                Academy 3
Thu 18 July                  Glasgow                       Classic Grand
Fri 19 July                     Aberdeen                   Moorings
Sat 20 July                   Newcastle                    Cluny
Sun 21 July                  Leeds                           Brundell
Wed 24 July                Brighton                       Komedia
Thu 25 July                  London                        Underworld
Fri 26 July                   Wolverhampton         Slade Rooms
Sat 27 July                  Nottingham                 Rock City




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