Defy All Reason – Every Second Counts

Excellent debut from a band that show great promise.

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Formed in the North Wales town of Wrexham, Defy All Reason bring you this incredibly catchy four track E.P., which manages to cover a pretty wide spectrum of musical styles and content in a relatively short format.

Opening track ‘Shake It’ is quite an up tempo melodic Hard Rock affair, brimming with catchy riffs and a sing a long chorus that sticks in the mind even hours after you have finished listening to it. Very much in the Black Stone Cherry, Slash/ Velvet Revolver mode, it flows really well,  to be honest it could sound a lot better with a bigger production sound but there’s no denying the fact that it’s a bloody good tune and I’m sure is a killer live.

Second track, ’Behind Those Eyes’ is a totally different affair however, starting off in acoustic mode a la Bon Jovi, with Gavin Jones’s vocal sounding much more accomplished, a real throaty, earthy, almost Bryan Adams vibe coming through until the track kicks into top gear with some real NWOBHM riffs and a cracking lead solo, lifting the song into the bracket of ‘Wow’. The band obviously have a canny knack of being able to blend the old with the new and the results are very impressive.

Third song ‘Coming Home’ is possibly my favourite of the four, a lighters in the air, tearjerker of a track, again in the Jovi/Adams mould, it benefits from the addition of a string section backdrop, just to add the atmospherics and round off what is an excellent composition full of emotion and anthemic vocal lines.

Closer ‘Blame It On The Luck And Rock ‘n’ Roll’ sees the band crank it up and return to the hard hitting Hard Rock riffs that featured on the first track, this track though has a much more sleazy and dirty feel to it, sounding all the better for it.
As a debut E.P. this is a real credit to the band, displaying all the elements of what they’re about, no frills, good time Rock n Roll played with all the passion they can muster. If you’re a fan of B.S.C. and similar then this is definitely worth checking out.

Track Listing;

1. Shake It
2. Behind Those Eyes
3. Coming Home
4. Blame It On The Luck And Rock’n’Rolldefy all reason band

Defy All Reason are;

Gavin Jones – Lead vocals and Guitar
Darren Jones – Backing Vocals and Guitar
Lee Shenton – Bass Guitar
James Radhi – Drums

‘Every Second Counts’ is available via the band, I-tunes and other digital retailers.


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