Titan – Titan

titan - titanProg band Titan consists of thee musicians who met at Appalachian state university.  They recorded their debut album during 2012 and it was released earlier this year.

It’s quite a varied album this.  It’s clearly Proresssive rock/metal, but it has a varied sound, taking its influences from different bands.  At times there is a strong Rush vibe to the music, and at other times it’s much heavier, with more of a Porcupine Tree sound.

I’ve really enjoyed listening to this album, and if you’re a Prog fan then I suggest you check it out – and quickly.  Sadly the band split a couple of months ago, so I suspect this album is going to become hard to get hold of.

Rating: 8/10

Track listing:

1. Answer
2. Arrogance
3. Create
4. Whales are heavy (…especially during the daytime)
5. The dialectic
6. Broken hands
7. The brothers Karamazov:  (i) Alyosha, (ii) Mitya, (iii) Ivan, (iv) Smerdyakov
9. Hekatonkheires I: Gyges
10.Hekatonkheires II: Cottus
11. The Chase
12. Hekatonkheires III: Briareus
13. Titan

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