Radio friendly – Love is alive

radio friendly - love is aliveRadio friendly are a Christian rock band from California.  They’ve just released their latest EP, ‘Love is alive’.  This release comes not long after their seventh album.

Normally the words “Christian rock” are the kiss of death – too often the music is pretty average and the lyrics are far too preachy, but Radio Friendly buck this trend with some very good music, so this is a release that stands up against the wider rock genre rather than only being of interest to the relatively small number of fans of the Christian Rock genre.

It’s pretty good melodic rock actually with some nice polished vocals.

There is a fair amount of preaching in the lyrics, but it feels less rammed down your throat than with some bands, and because of the quality of the music and vocals then you’re able to enjoy the songs without feeling that it’s just a preacher’s sermon set to music.

A good EP that’s definitely worth a listen

Rating: 6.5/10

Track listing:

1. Love is alive
2. Hold on
3. Say a prayer
4. Everything will be alright
5. Uptown downtown
6. Talk talk
7. Changed

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