Theories Divide – The Outcast

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Theories Divide

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On 2 June 2016
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The first sip of a perfectly poured pint of Guinness. The choreography of Riverdance. Sheamus’ Brogue Kick. The clash of the ash. Whatever way you look at it, Ireland packs a serious punch. Theories Divide can safely add themselves to the list. Formed in Dublin in 2008, the quartet have been making ripples across the metal scene in their home country, especially after the release of  Revolutions in 2013. Another single, Reborn followed over the next year, and tomorrow sees the release of The Outcast, their full length debut.

If you’re a fan of Trivium, Killswitch Engage, Machine Head or pre-City of Evil Avenged Sevenfold, then this will definitely pop your cherry. Gnarly and towering with riffs for days, the experience Theories Divide have gained over the past eight years proves invaluable here as they give everything they’ve got over the eleven songs present and come away with a hugely impressive record. They’re even bold enough to lure you into their web with an acoustic driven introduction, then taking your head off with In Vain in a manner akin to a sliotar to the temple. Props as well to whoever handled production duties as well, because the band sound bigger than Bono’s ego. Vocalist Garreth Quinn sounds like a cross between Jesse Leach and Robb Flynn, his guttural chords adding a savage bite to the guitar work he share with Leigh Ferguson, especially on Through Descent. Across the album there are grooves which threaten to wrench everything above your shoulders clean off your body, and if the title track doesn’t make you want to mosh yourself into a million pieces, you’re not listening hard enough. Go back, listen to it again, and repeat until it works. Elsewhere, Garrett Muldowney pulls off a ridiculous performance behind the kit and the link between him and bassist Cian O Riain is near telepathic, making sure every song is kept in line tighter than Michael Flatley’s trousers. Oh, and to round it all off, they’re even courteous enough to finish on a slower number in Blood Red and let your mind catch up with the maelstrom that’s just taken you on a ride and a half.

Their name might be Theories Divide, but the facts are clear and unifying; they are coming for everyone, and with The Outcast in their arsenal they’ll destroy venues and ears across the world. Scintillating.

Band lineup

Garreth Quinn – guitar/vocals
Leigh Ferguson – guitar
Cian O Riain – bass
Garrett Muldowney – drums

Track listing

In Vain
The Outcast
In Sight of Betrayal
Not Like You
Through Descent
Refuse This Life
Until We Meet Again
Blood Red

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