The Swamp Born Assassins – Gates Of Hades (single)

The Swamp Born Assassins

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On 26 December 2020
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Funkadelic and psychedelic madness from The Swampers!

Welcome back to The Swamp Born Assassins! It’s been over 18 months since I reviewed their Dead Man’s Train album and they’re back and firing on all cylinders with their latest single ‘Gates Of Hades’ available now from Google Play, Amazon, i Tunes,Deezer,Applemusic, Spotify and from the band website.

Since the album they’ve added David Cowan on keyboards and he has added a new colour to the Swampers palette, point proven by his eerie lengthy intro. The band crash in after a minute and a half to deliver one of the heaviest songs they’ve penned. Our mad uncle Charlie Moffat on lead vocals delivers with a menacing croon befitting the songs subject as backing vocals from Kirsty Moffat give it a melodic edge.

A ranting chorus of “Close the gate, close the gate, turn the key don’t hesitate. Make a deal don’t hesitate. Make a deal and seal your fate, don’t be late to close the gate” is a stark warning as fleet fingered keyboard and guitar solos give it a prog rock boost. This devilish seven minutes closes on a full outro from the seven piece band and an evil cackle from Charlie.

The Swamp Born Assassins band line up :-

Charlie Moffat – Lead Vocals.

Kirsty Moffat – Backing Vocals.

David Cowan – Keyboards.

Andypaws Christie – Guitar.

Craig Buchanan – Guitar.

Allen Bell – Bass Guitar.

Todd MaCleod – Drums.

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Funkadelic and psychedelic madness from The Swampers!

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