WARD XVI – ACOUSTIC SESSIONS – Unplugged and Sedated

WARD XVI, announce their Acoustic EP Unplugged and Sedated along with the acoustic video – Shadows

Three weeks in and your body has given up trying to create antibodies to fend off Psychoberrie’s subliminal toxin and your autonomic nervous system is now screaming for it’s next fix.

This one last dose is all Psychoberrie needs to administer before you are just another lost soul in her asylum. Will you voluntarily take this pill? Can you deny it’s lure? Whispering into your ear…is it an angel or demon that you can hear?

After today these doses prescribed to you by Dr Von Stottenstein will be available in the form of an EP Unplugged and Sedated – five tracks to soothe your craving and dampen the internal screams. 

Our new EP ‘unplugged and sedated’ is available for purchase and download today exclusively via Ward XVI’s Bandcamp page. We’ll try our best to ship them out to you ASAP, but in the meantime, if you buy the CD you get a free digital download of it. There’ll also be a little delay in receiving the CD if you’ve requested it to be signed by us.

Happy XVImas.

You’ve now heard four… of five! A bonus track awaits you..!

Ward XVI

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