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On 5 July 2020
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Nothing miserly about this fantastic EP.

Something heavy is coming this way so strap yourselves in, put on your headphones and crank up the self-titled four-track EP by The Miser! It features their singles, the latest one ‘Numb’ will be out on July 22nd 2020, as will a free download of the EP on their Bandcamp page.

They hit hard from the off as ‘What A Pity‘ erupts on a colossal level. Riffs jab and trade blows with histrionic vocals. It’s a bone-crushing opener that lurches around on a hefty stoner rock rumble.

Nawks Of War’ is a full-on piledriver of headbanging heaven grooves that pummel with aplomb. A fretboard burning solo midway precedes a manic vocal bringing to mind Jello Biafra, highlighting the futility of war.

Judgement Day‘ is a bruising bluster that stomps along harder than King Kong. It’s a heavy bluesy growl given an extra bite by a scorching guitar solo.

This very impressive EP ends far too soon as ‘Numb’ may leave your hearing that way from the seismic dynamics throughout. It pounds along as Crocker leaves his finest vocal till this last song with a lung-busting roar. It all ends up with a bass-heavy Sabbath tinged freak out.

The Miser EP track listing :-

What A Pity.

Nawks Of War.

Judgement Day.


The Miser band line up :-

Crocker – Lead vocals.

Scott – Guitar.

Matty – Bass guitar.

Dan – Drums.

The Miser band info:

Nothing miserly about this fantastic EP.

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