THE GREEN RIVER BURIAL – Separate & Coalesce.

German Hardcore quartet deliver a slamming debut album.Cover2

Formed in Frankfurt in 2008, this represents the bands full length debut album, following on from a couple of well received and self released EP’s. Now that the band have been taken under the wing of Bastardized Recordings however the stakes have suddenly become a lot higher.

Firstly, it must be said that the Hardcore, Deathcore genre, call it what you will, has become rather saturated of late, with countless bands and to be brutally honest, wannabes, all trying to ride the crest of the wave of popularity that this kind of Metal is experiencing at the moment. Therefore, when you come across a band that chucks a debut like this in your face, it’s truly refreshing and invigorating to witness.

This isn’t just another Deathcore album, although I’m guessing that’s the label the band will be lumbered with, far from it, ’Separate and Coalesce’ is an album of many levels and structures, demonstrating a conscious effort to push the boundaries and experiment at every opportunity.

What strikes you initially when listening to this record is the power contained within, each track as blistering as the previous, and yet each track is able to stand alone and shout from the rooftops. Songs such as ’L ‘etranger’ and ’The, I Am’ for example are really stunning pieces of modern Metal music, equal to anything else that you will come across on your travels, fuelled by some stunningly fearsome and raw vocals by Mert Ucuncu. ’No Tomorrow, No Regrets’, another triumphant composition that will slam you against the wall and leave you in a heap on the floor but eager for more.

Simply put, this album is one of the best Hardcore albums you can ever hope to hear, from start to finish I was totally and utterly hooked and with each subsequent listen became more and more absorbed in to the whole musical experience on show.

If this release doesn’t make people sit up and take notice of The Green River Burial then there is no justice in this world. Get it now!


Rating 9/10.

Track Listing;

1. Cold Sweat.
2. No Tomorrow, No Regrets.
3. Colossus.
4. Loose Lips.
5. The Big Rip.
6. Bullsharks.
7. Sink Ships.
8. Matriarch/ Utopia.
9. L’Etranger.
10. The, I Am.
11. Reinvent The Real.


The Green River Burial are;

Mert Ucuncu – Vocals.
Moritz Spahn – Guitar.
Philipp Sevatschouni – Bass.
Tom Belz – Drums.


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