The Bloody Nerve – Act 1 – All Blood, No Treasure

The Bloody Nerve

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On 7 November 2021
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Thankfully The Bloody Nerve had the bloody nerve to record and release this stunning EP!

Musically, when I think of Nashville, country music springs to mind but the duo of Stacey Blood and Laurie Ann Layne soon shattered that assumption with their release of Act 1 – All Blood, No Treasure. Act -1 is the first of 4 installments from the forthcoming coming album All Blood, No Treasure on Antic Records. Their debut 2015 album Taste caused ripples that sees them create a tidal wave for the new release.

‘Episode 1 : A Million Arms’ opens with a banshee scream that took me by surprise and a vitriolic lead vocal adds venom to the grinding riffs and snappy snare drum work. A bluesy guitar solo midway briefly calms the song down until it closes with hefty drum pounds and pummeling bass guitar bombast.

‘Episode 2 : What’s It Say? (About You)’ starts with a stoner rock like main riff which rattled my headphones until it settles into a sedate chug backed by a soothing vocal. A laid back guitar solo precedes a seismic finish and a cathartic vocal.

‘Episode 3 : Roads’ is also their recently released single as a preached intro vocal segues into a call to arms shouted out loud and proud delivery. Musically it’s like Ministry at their industrialistic heaviest but slows down for a sedate ending of a quirky guitar solo and spotlight stealing lead vocal.

Purchase links for the CD and band info are here :- I I I I I

Act 1 personnel :-

Stacey Blood – Guitars/ Bass Guitar.

Laurie Ann Layne – Lead Vocals.

Bobby Blood – Drums.

Thankfully The Bloody Nerve had the bloody nerve to record and release this stunning EP!

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