The Bloody Nerve Act 2 – lyric video for ‘Episode 6 – Doin’ All Day

The Bloody Nerve Reach the Finale of Act II, Premiering their Lyric Video for ‘Episode 6 – Doin’ All Day’

Maverick Nashville rockers The Bloody Nerve reach another landmark in the roll-out of their episodically released, rock-infused concept album ‘All Blood, No Treasure’, releasing the lyric video for ‘Episode 6 – Doin’ All Day’: the finale of Act II (Reckoning). This will soon be followed by the 3-track Act II EP.

‘Episode 6’ is the latest release from their innovative, episodically released, concept album ‘All Blood, No Treasure’, which they are releasing in phased instalments: act by act, episode-by-episode, building up tension and anticipation over time. Each single carries its own standalone feel and meaning, with the individual tracks building up a broader, interconnected, work of art, with a message that both overarches the parts and is woven through them.

Check out the lyric video to Doin All Day here:

“Episode 6 is the fork in the road,” says vocalist Laurie Ann Layne, “It’s truly the inner struggle: do we descend further with resentment or begin redemption with courage and faith?”

“’Doin’ All Day’ is prison slang for a life sentence,” explains guitarist and singer Stacey Blood, “So we’re using these optics to describe how we find ourselves more and more cuffed to new cultural pressures that don’t come naturally to the human spirit.  There’s a new warden every day, each less forgiving than the one before.”

Opening with a deceptively gentler guitar hook than its Act II predecessors (‘All Blood, No Treasure’ and ‘Down to the Letter’), the ‘Doin’ All Day’ lifer’s plaintive prayer “Lord, pardon my enemies today,” reminds us at the outset that The Bloody Nerve is based in Nashville, but aren’t shackled by convention or cliché. Nor, by any means, are they a one-trick pony, as the soaring guitar solo from Stacey Blood vividly shows, marking the song’s sea change towards a much bigger, rockier sound. Laurie Ann Layne’s powerful vocals then play against Stacey’s whilst the music becomes climactic full-blown rock.

Check out the Act II finale for ‘Reckoning’, which will be followed by the 3-track Act II EP, due to drop very soon. 


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