Teardown – Inner Distortions.

A triumphant debut album and one definitely not to be overlooked.



Formed in 2001, you might think it’s a really long wait for a debut release but the band have kept themselves busy by releasing a number of demos over the years, as well as gigging and building a reputation in their native Finland.

Inner Distortions’ is an excellent collection of hauntingly beautiful and atmospheric Metal that succeeds in carrying the listener along on a wave of dark and thought provoking music for the whole of the 50 minute duration. Vocalist Katja has such a gloriously ethereal and emotionally charged voice that you can not help but be swept along with her on a journey through all the sections of a troubled and tortured mind.

Whilst the guitar sound is a really powerful one, it concentrates more on the melodic content rather than throwing in lots of solos, which further enhances the atmospheric backdrop which permeates through the entire album.

The sound sits well with a number of genres, the aforementioned atmospheric being perhaps the more dominant but fans of Gothic and Doom should really enjoy this album as well. Songs such as the excellent ’Cold Rooms’, a six minute track that builds and builds, features some really strong elements, from acoustic guitar to orchestral and piano to a killer solo, this is a song that has it all. ’Horns’, another track worthy of a mention is a much darker and heavier affair, having a menacing riff and superb drum sound, allowing Katja’s voice to truly shine. My own personal choice for track of the album though is the beautifully Doom tinged ‘Blank Faces’, a track I could listen to over and over again without tiring of its sumptuous depressing beauty, a faultless five and a half minutes of emotional and soul searching  music that sent shivers down my spine.

As an album, ‘Inner Distortions’ should be seen as a majestic triumph, nine tracks of wonderfully crafted and presented atmospheric Metal which is impossible to find fault with.
Highly recommended.

Track Listing.

1. My Cave.
2. Dead Cry For The Sun.
3. Glass Idol.Teardown-official-promo-2012-2
4. Fire In Her Eyes.
5. Horns.
6. Blank Faces.
7. The Deserted.
8. Cold Rooms.
9. Everything Ends Here.

Recording Line Up.

Katja Pieksämäki – Vocals.
Sami Ahmaoja – Guitars.
Jari Kinnuen – Guitars.
Pipsa Niemi – Keyboards.
Mika Laine – Bass.
Arto Pieksämäki – Drums.

Released through  Grave New Music on the 19th of April, 2013.



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