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Troyen – No Going Back (single)

For me in my late teens the NWOBHM genre was a very exciting time for rock/metal music. It threw up a variety of styles of bands, some made it, some didn’t but most importantly some decided to give it another go, one of those being Troyen. Formed in 1981 in …

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Troyen – Anthology (1981/2019)

Well here is a great blast from the past and a nod to the future courtesy of NWOBHM band Troyen with this Anthology (1981/2019) album. Released via Classic Metal Records, this double CD contains everything the band have recorded. CD 1 contains a four track demo from 1981, one track …

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Troyen – A New Dawn EP

Recently released EP A New Dawn from NWOBHM band Troyen is aptly titled due to the addition of new bass guitarist Mark Nortley and by the superhuman recovery from a triple heart bypass operation undertaken by lead guitarist/vocalist Steve McGuire, one of two original members since their formation in 1980, …

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