Troyen – A New Dawn EP


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On 15 July 2019
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A more than welcome return to the studio from Troyen.

Recently released EP A New Dawn from NWOBHM band Troyen is aptly titled due to the addition of new bass guitarist Mark Nortley and by the superhuman recovery from a triple heart bypass operation undertaken by lead guitarist/vocalist Steve McGuire, one of two original members since their formation in 1980, the other being drummer Jeff Baddley. A split in 1982 saw them reform in 2014 and since then have gone from strength to strength, point proven by this new release!

Five lengthy songs impress from the off with ‘Lady Evil’ that has a killer main riff and sleazy vocal delivery to match the songs theme. It’s a tasty headbanger to open up with, followed by the crunching hard rock of ‘Don’t Send Me To War (2019)’, the original version was first recorded in 1981. The chilling lyrics are as relevant today as back then as a speedy cavalry charge midway will have you reaching for your air guitars. An eerie vibe rightly runs through ‘Nightmare’ that wakes up for a heads down boogie and wah-wah lead break midway. Feel good rhythms and instantly memorable choruses drive ‘Syrian Lady’ along to make it the heaviest track on the EP. Final track is an extended version of ‘Don’t Send Me To War(2019)’.



Lady Evil.

Don’t Send Me To War (2019).


Syrian Lady.

Don’t Send Me To War (2019) Extended Version.

Troyen band line up :-

Steve McGuire – Lead guitar/lead vocals.

Jeff Baddley – Drums/backing vocals.

Steve Haslam – Lead guitar.

Mark Nortley – Bass guitar.

A more than welcome return to the studio from Troyen.

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