Sue – It Will Never End

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On 24 June 2019
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Release date: 01/05/19.
Length: 50mins 00secs.
Sucking raw punk straight out of the 80' style.

Sue are a Noise Rock/Post-Punk/Punk Rock band from the West Midlands. Known for their wild performances and scratchy punk sound, they have been parading around their local scene with confidence and an obvious passion for what they do.

‘It Will Never End’  could have easily been called ‘It had Never Died’  because what Sue have done is sucked the raw punk sound that we know and love straight out of the 80’s into the modern day era. Opener ‘Hate My Face’  pulsating and straight to the point. Take a mixture of The Sex Pistols, Green Day and the like, roughen up the sound with a cheese grater, and you have Sue.

‘Not Your Kind’  is pure party aggression worthy to be on any stage. What I love about this album is the mixing and mastering, or lack of it. I love raw albums. It keeps the music’s original integrity. Take ‘Gotta Gotta Gotta’  for example. Raw yet as anthemic as you could possibly get. A belter of a track full of anger and pulsation. I imagine listening to this album is the same as listening to the guys live.

Medicine’   thumps you straight between the eyes from the off. It’s sheer speed and energy will have you mesmerised, while the likes of ‘You Don’t Know What’s Going On’  keep the band in touch with their Sex Pistols links.

Album closer ‘I Am Nothing’  sends shivers of Cranberries down my spine as it begins. Eerie guitar chords parallel with the great Irish band. This is a fourteen minute anthem split halfway through by two different tracks. Demonstrating the bands will to diverse and indeed their skill to do so. I do feel though, that as this track has so much depth, emotion and soul, it could have benefited greatly from a better mix. But that’s a huge compliment.

These guys are well worth checking out.

Track Listing:


1 – Hate My Face

2 – Stranged & Deranged

3 – Not Your Kind

4 – I’m A Fucking Alien

5 – Gotta Gotta Gotta

6 – Put Me To Sleep

7 – Medicine

8 – Thirst

9 – An Empire On Fire

10 – You Don’t Know What’s Going On

11 – Missing Lies

12 – I Am Nothing


Elliot Stone – Vocals / Guitar   /   Ashley Lavelle – Guitar

Harry Woodman – Bass   /   Euan Woodman – Drums


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Release date: 01/05/19. Length: 50mins 00secs. Sucking raw punk straight out of the 80' style.

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