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Stereo Nasty

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On 28 April 2014
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3 songs full of huge riffs and soaring vocals to get you headbanging!

stereo nastyFaith No More once sang “From out of nowhere” which just about sums up County Kildare based metallers Stereo Nasty. As they were completely new to me until today and believe me, there is nothing nasty bout their 80’s tinged 3 track E.P which can be bought as a download to help fund their full length debut album. Judging by the quality of this trio of songs, hopefully it will soon get recorded and released.

Opening track ‘Demon Halo’ begins with raw, thick crunching riffs with the guitar tones grabbing your attention straight away as they precede soaring Dio-like vocals with some neat ‘Bark At The Moon’ like guitar lines midway. The insistent opening riffs of ‘Under Her Spell’ build up to an early Def Leppard style groove. The vocals are a lot rougher on this number like a lower register Rob Halford. Closing track ‘The Warriors’ is a headbanging inducing ‘Princess Of The Dawn’ style chugger. The vocals are aggressive again with some wailing Blackie Lawless growls thrown in for effect.

Stereo Nasty have released an EP with very strong,  promising songs that will not leave any fans of 80’s era rock/metal disappointed! There is a link to buy the E.P at the end of the review. You can pay as much or as little as you want to.

Stereo Nasty are:
Adrian Foley – Guitars
Mick Mahon – Vocals
Fran Moran – Drums

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Stereo Nasty EP Download

3 songs full of huge riffs and soaring vocals to get you headbanging!

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