Spirytus review Hammerfest 4

Late on Friday afternoon after I had finished interviewing for the day I headed down to catch the remainder of Spirytus’s set. They start off the set with ‘Bullet Ride’ intro before launching  into ‘Qandahar’ and ‘Heaven’ Ryan banters away with the crowd in between songs; ‘Hot Stepper’ is rap and grooved based song that gets the crowd moving!

I arrived to find them handing out free inflated hammers and ask the crowd who has them to wave them in the air, as they begin ‘Breathe’ then ‘Can’t Touch This’ then Ryan says Stop. Hammerfest! Classic! We’re all bouncing about at the front having a ball at this point!

They then go on to play their  next single ‘Mandem’ then into some Motown to get the groove back on ‘I Feel Good’ for a quick sing-along. Then they jump into the heavier but still awesome rap/groove song ‘Fundamentals’ with a little slow and dirty ditty of ‘Pretty, Pretty Hammerfest, we love you’ and yes, us the crowd def loves Spirytus!

They have time for an extra song so they squeeze in ‘TV Clown’ then finish the set off with the bounce along ‘Crucify’ we all bounce along and to make it extra sspecial towards the end of the song Ryan says for everyone to all stand in a line with our arms around the person next to us and we bounce along, well us lot at the front definitely did, it would be rude not to ;)

Spirytus never fail to deliver a magnificent bouncing set, a winning combination of stunning guitar work, groovy basslines including a lot of slap work, pounding drums and varied vocal style with Ryan’s superb voice all rolled into a  vibe that makes you want to move! I can’t wait until the next time I see them.


Bullet Ride intro into



Hot Stepper

Patience of a Saint

*Breathe/Can’t Touch This



Tv Clown



Spirytus are

Ryan Walton,

Alistair Bell,

Adam Burman,

Ben Edis

Ben McAlonan






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