Zoltar speaks – Treatment EP

Despite listening to and attending gigs by numerous female fronted metal bands, Zoltar speaks are a new name to me.  They come from Somerset, and according to their bio have toured in the South and in Wales, which presumably means they havent toured much in the rest of the country and may be why I havent come across them before.

There are plenty of heavy guitar riffs, and as the introduction to “A metaphor” or the song “The best revenge” demonstrate they are capable of some very nice more intricate guitar work when required too.  The music is slightly too slow for me to label it as thrash although there are clearly thrash influences here.
Louise Body sings traditional metal style vocals and has plenty of power in her voice, but while the vocals work fairly well in the heavier parts of the songs, I’m not quite convinced about the vocals during the quieter parts of the songs.

If you like your music heavy and like female vocals then Zoltar speaks are certainly worth checking out.  I’d certainly like to see how they sound in a gig after listening to this EP.

Treatment will be released on June 11th via all good digital stores.

Rating 5/10


Zoltar speaks are:

Louise Body – Vocals
Ollie Smith – Guitar
Jason Coles – Guitar
Shane Yard – Bass
Ben Dean – Drums

Track Listing:

1. A Metaphor
2. How Could You Blame?
3. The Best Revenge
4. Treatment

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