Kyrbgrinder Review Hammerfest 4

After Inferno had warmed the crowd up, Kyrbgrinder took to the stage and changes the tempo.  I’m really disappointed as I only managed to catch the last few songs by the Kyrbgrinder due to interviews; however what I managed to catch was a krushing performance by the trio!

If you have never experienced Kyrbgrinder before, where have you been! You’ve been missing out on stellar performances. Johanne sings and drums, which is no mean feat combined with guitar maestro Tommy and very talented Dave on bass it’s an experience and a half! Think stunning guitar work combined with groove filled bass lines and drums whilst being treated to great lyrics and Johanne’s superb voice!

They kicked off the set with ‘Cynical World’ and ‘Don’t be So Cold’ which gets the crowd going. I mange to catch the last few bars of ‘Defiance’ before he dedicated ‘Kill them All’ to all the girls in the audience.  Next up is one of my favourite Kyrbgrinder songs ‘Where Do We Go From Here‘ which is sounding stunning this afternoon.

During the set Johanne banters along with the crowd and he gets one of the crowd to come dance up on the front of the stage to ‘My Heart Bleeds’ there is definitely a party atmosphere in the Queen Vic, it’s rammed with people, most people are moving along to the beat!  ‘Through These Eyes‘ brings the set to a fantastic close You’re always guaranteed a fantastic set and they never let us down!


Kyrbgrinder Setlist

Cynical World

Don’t be so Cold


Kill them all

Where Do We Go From Here

My Heart Bleeds

Through These Eyes


Kyrbgrinder are

Johanne James – drums & lead vocals
Dave Lugay – bass guitars
Tommy Caris – Guitars




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