Spawn Of Possession – Incurso

Spawn Of Possession’s third albumIncurso’, their Relapse debut as well as first new record in over five years has a lot to prove. It was released on 13th March 2012 via Relapse Records.

‘Incurso’ starts off to the sounds of ‘Abodement’ and short sweet instrumental opener that lead us straight into ‘Where Angels Go Demons Follow’  a technical powerhouse full of detailed riffs, lines and drums combines with growls and shouts to produce quite an opening track.

‘Apparition’ stands out due to it melodic and orchestral start before ploughing into hard and fast drums beats, wall of guitars and savage growls before taking a more technical turn and then it slows right down to a quick solo about halfway through before jumping right back pace wise. This track bring the album to a close

Incurso’ isn’t really suitable for apathetic listeners or if you just want a quick blast of brutality. Spawn of Possession wants to command the listener and take you on an intriguing and intricate aural journey. Where you’ll find guitar riffs are flying around at very high speeds all over the place, they stop and start, twist away at a fleeting listening to replaced by something totally different.

The album needs to be listened to repeatedly to really discover everything that is happening beneath the surface!  There is definitely new elements been woven into the overall sound.

Jonas and Christian are always in perfect synch with each other and produce a flawless performance combined with Erlend brilliant bass lines that can be heard thought the album, Dennis’s gravelly growls whilst being held together by Henrik blast beats and driving drums. The production is very clear, each instrument can be heard through the vocals however there is a slight sludge tone to it.

For me personally it lacks a sense of brutality and can be overly technical at times so I start to lose a bit of interest, however if you’re a fan of technical metal this album will be one of your favourite ones of the year.


Rating – 8.5/10




Where Angels Go Demons Follow

Bodiless Sleeper

The Evangelist

Servitude of Souls

Deus Avertat

Spiritual Deception

No Light Spared



Band Members

Dennis Röndum – Vocals

Jonas Bryssling – Rhythm Guitars

Christian Muenzner – Lead Guitar

Erlend Caspersen – Bass

Henrik Schönström – Drums



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