General Surgery – A Collection of Depravation

Legendary Swedish goregrind outfit General Surgery have recently re-signed to Relapse Records and their first offering is this compilation featuring a uber 30 tracks titled ‘A Collection Of Depravation’ which was released on the 27 March 2012

A Collection Of Depravation’ a collection that assembles nearly two decade’s worth of out of print singles, vinyl only EP’s, comp appearances and a few unheard demos into one filthy CD collection. Also it features songs from virtually every line-up of General Surgery, a band which has featured gorelords who have also spent time in Dismember, Afflicted, Crematory, Nasum, Repugnant, Regurgitate and many more.

So we being the history lesson that is this review!

The first 7 tracks came from the 2003 split album they did with The Country Medical Examiners, the short but brutal opening trackPre-Bisectal Corrosive Immersion’ through to  the longest track on the album, the chaos creating ‘Convivial Corpse Disposal Methodology’.

Next up is the sick cover of Xysma’s – ‘Foetal Mush’. Then into the sleazy gory grim of ‘Unruly Dissection Marathon’, ‘Scalpel Infestation’, ‘Fully-Mechanized Corpse Thresher’,  ‘The League Of Extraordinary Grave Robbers’ all were featured on the split album from 2004 they did with Filth.

Then we make a quick jump to September in 2004: another split album this time with Machetazo. We find these 4 tracks ‘Necrodecontamination, ‘Forensic Farce’, the vicious ‘Viva! Blunt Force Trauma’ and ‘Cold Storage Fever’.

‘Fulguration’ taken from their debut full-length album released in 2006 ‘Left Hand Pathology’. This album also features ‘Necrodecontamination’, Viva! Blunt Force Trauma’ and ‘Cold Storage Fever’The League Of Extraordinary Grave Robbers’

Brief interlude and a cover of Carnage’s cutting ‘The Day Man Lost’.

The next album to be featured is Corpus In Extremis: Analysing Necrocriticismwith  – ‘Decedent Scarification Aesthetics’, ‘Idle Teratoma Core’ and ‘Restrained Remains’

The remaining tracks must come from various sources and include the Repulsion cover of the mighty ‘Maggots In Your Coffin’ and 2008 versions of ‘Pre-Bisectal Corrosive Immersion’ and ‘Lab Rat’, you do hear some different in these tracks from the original ones.  Before finally ending with a Carcass cover of the superb ‘Empathological Necroticism’

The collection has been digitally remastered by Pig Destroyer’s Scott Hull, it’s lovely and clear and the tracks still retain their original charm along with the ingrained blood soaked gore and grim. The only negative point is there is no tracks from their first three demos, however that was released under the title ‘Demos’ way back in 2004.

This is a serious collector’s compilation and should have been received well by the diehard General Surgery and goregrind fans alike. The CD contains a 24 page booklet with extensive liner notes from the band. Unfortunately that booklet isn’t in the press pack so whoever buys the collection, happy reading and listening!   


Track Listing:

Pre-Bisectal Corrosive Immersion

Lab Rat

Mortuary Wars

Cauterization Frenzy

Reception Of Cadavers


Convivial Corpse Disposal Methodology

Foetal Mush (XYSMA cover)

Unruly Dissection Marathon

Scalpel Infestation

Fully-Mechanized Corpse Thresher

The League Of Extraordinary Grave Robbers


Forensic Farce

Viva! Blunt Force Trauma

Cold Storage Fever


Autopsy Induced Amnesia

The Day Man Lost (CARNAGE cover)


Decedent Scarification Aesthetics

Idle Teratoma Core

Restrained Remains

Maggots In Your Coffin (Repulsion cover)

Carbonic Residue Conversion


Excessive Corpus Delicti

Pre-Bisectal Corrosive Immersion (2008 version)

Lab Rat (2008 version)

Empathological Necroticism (Carcass cover)




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